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Feeling lonely? We’re here for you. Schedule a call to speak to one of our trained volunteer listeners.
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How it works

We offer wellbeing support that is accessible & personalized.
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Schedule a conversation with a trained Listener in seconds.
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Talk through what’s on your mind. They get you; they’ve been through similar things.
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We're constantly looking for feedback to improve. Let us know how we can be better for you.
Why we do
what we do
Contact Line has been proven to increase hapiness and reduce stress after just one conversation. After talking to a trained Listener who will listen with empathy, leave each meeting with clarity, less stress, and confidence in yourself.
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Empowering you to empower others. Join our family of empathetic Listeners today – all you need is a desire to listen.
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We want to work together to find strategies to support the wellness of the populations you serve.
Your donations enable us to listen to more people across the nation and provide the support they deserve. We could not do this without you.