Become a Listener. Help others feel heard.

Step 1: Apply here to become a Listener (5-10 min)
Step 2: If everything looks good, hop on the next Listener onboarding call (15 min)
Step 3: Complete didactic training on Canvas on your own time (4-5 hours)
Step 4: Attend at least 3 live practice conversation workshops (2-3 hours)
Step 5: Start listening to Speakers from the community via video calls from wherever you are

You can make a difference

" I became a Listener to be there for others the way that people have been there for me. It's amazing how much two strangers can connect just because you listened."

- CONTACT Line Listener

I've been looking for a place to volunteer where I can help people directly. This is it – this is where you see your words make a difference in someone else's life.

Being a Listener has taught me so much about what it means to listen with empathy rather than judgement. I've noticed myself using these skills in my personal life and feel more equipped to support the people I love.